Applicability General Conditions
These general conditions apply to all offers and tenders of, agreements with, deliveries and services of Forges 33. Deviations will only be valid if and insofar as these have been confirmed by Eurl Forges 33 in writing. These general conditions exclusively apply to legal relations between Eurl Forges 33 and clients of holiday villas, whether or not through mediation by third parties.
Product Description
Eurl Forges 33 has carefully selected every holiday villa. Eurl Forges 33 guarantees the accuracy of the description of the holiday villa. However, a deviation of 15% of the indicated living space and distances is deemed acceptable. The description and impressions of the holiday villa and the immediate vicinity, including facilities, decoration and recreation, may deviate slightly from the description on the Eurl Forges 33 website in nature, due to interim alterations, or seasonal influences.
The Client must behave as a proper client and use the holiday villa in accordance with the reasonable user instructions as stipulated by Eurl Forges 33 or the Owner/Manager. Upon departure, the Client must take care to leave the holiday villa in an orderly state: broom clean. All items present in the holiday villa should be returned to their original location. Dishes must be washed and stored in designated areas. The Owner/Manager has the right to perform an inspection upon departure. If the Owner/Manager establishes that (multiple) items have not been returned to their original location or if the holiday villa is not clean, the Owner/Manager has the right to charge extra (cleaning) costs to the Client.
The Client must use linens on the beds and is not allowed to use the beds without sheets.
Arrival and Departure
The Client must, unless the rental agreement stipulates otherwise, retrieve the keys to the holiday villa between 4 pm and 6 pm from the Owner/Manager of the holiday villa upon arrival. In case of arrival outside the aforementioned time, the client is responsible for making arrangements with the Owner/Manager to retrieve the key. The Client must, have vacated the holiday villa on the time indicated in the rental agreement. Eurl Forges 33 is not responsible for the consequences of a departure later than indicated. In case of departure at a later time than indicated, the Client is obligated to pay for an extra day.
The Client is legally liable for any damage he/she or fellow clients have caused in the holiday villa or to items present in the holiday villa. The Client must immediately report any damages to the Owner/Manager. The Client must pay the costs for repair or replacement to the Owner/Manager immediately upon request. Eurl Forges 33 and/or the Owner/Manager has the right to utilize the Client’s deposit that has been applied or authorized for this purpose.


Booking and Payment
A booking can occur via the Internet or in writing/via email. The booking must be paid in full. The booking is considered finalized after confirmation. The Client will receive a confirmation of his/her reservation and an invoice of the total amount via email within a few days after booking. This invoice must be paid 4 weeks before the arrival date. Payments must occur by means of a transfer on the account number of Eurl Forges 33 as mentioned on the invoice, stating name, reservation, and invoice number. The booker must pay any fees associated with bank costs.

Cancellations and Alterations
If the Client wishes to cancel a booking, the following percentage schedule will be applied: 40% from the booking date until 28 days before arrival; 90% from 28 to 14 days before arrival; 100% of the total amount after this period or in case of non-appearance. Eurl Forges 33 retains the right to charge alteration costs if the Client wishes to alter his reservation after the reservation confirmation has been sent.
Preferences and Essentials
We endeavor to accommodate the Client’s wishes (preferences) as he/she has indicated when booking as much as possible. However, we cannot guarantee a preference with absolute certainty. If there is an essential element or amenity that may affect the Client’s decision to book, this essential element or amenity must be indicated during the booking process and confirmed by Eurl Forges 33 if it can be granted. If the Client’s request cannot be granted, the booking agreement will not be initiated.
Prices and Rates
Prices include turnover tax and costs but exclude cancellation cost. The current prices and rates are exclusively stated on the Eurl Forges 33 website.
Late booking
In case of late bookings, Eurl Forges 33 has the right to request payment in cash or via credit card. In
case of giro payment or bank payment, the payment date is the date the amount has been received on
the bank account of Eurl Forges 33. Eurl Forges 33 always has the right to request surety of payment both before and after the rental agreement has been initiated, such under suspension of the execution of the rental agreement until surety has been obtained; undiminished the right Eurl Forges 33 has to compliance, damage compensation and/or partial cancellation, without any legal interference and without Eurl Forges 33 being obligated to provide any damage compensation.
Cooling-off Period
Eurl Forges 33 would like to specify that bookings initiated by the Client via the Internet and the arising travel agreement(s) are definitive. A so-called “cooling-off period” of 7 days, such as has been established in article 7:46d section 1 of the Civil Code, does not apply to bookings or travel agreements regarding the delivery of (package) travels that are booked via Eurl Forges 33.


Damage Deposit
The Client must pay a deposit or sign an authorization for the stay in a holiday villa. In case the Client fails to do so, the rental agreement will be considered dissolved as of the starting date. The deposit must be paid or secured upon arrival on the holiday address to the Manager/reception of the holiday villa, unless the rental agreement stipulate otherwise. Identified damages, items missing in or of the holiday villa or excessive filthiness, determined by the Manager’s reasonable judgment, will be deducted from the deposit. The remainder of the deposit will be repaid to the Client or the guarantee will be annulled. The Client must give his/her full address and bank information (account number, IBAN and BIC code) to the Owner/Manager for the restitution in case of cash payments.

Electronic Communication and Evidence
Eurl Forges 33 is not liable for misunderstandings, distorted, delayed, or improper information and messages as the result of the use of the Internet or any other means of communication in the communication between the Client and Eurl Forges 33 (or third parties employed by the client), unless and insofar as there is gross intent or blame on the side of Eurl Forges 33. The administration of Eurl Forges 33 serves as full evidence for the existence, content, and the execution if the agreement with the Client in a possible legal procedure, notwithstanding counter evidence by the party that appeals to the fact that the evidence is not reliable.
Applicable Law
The French law applies to all agreements between the Client and Eurl Forges 33.
Complaints must be reported to the reception/Manager. If a complaint, after consultation with the
reception/Manager onsite, is not handled to the satisfaction of the Client, he/she can contact Forges 33. Reporting a complaint can be initiated during telephone office hours via the Eurl Forges 33 phone number +31 6 53787713 or in writing via forges33@hvanolst.com